How To Delete A Theme From Your WordPress

delete wordpress theme

One of the more entertaining things to do when you are configuring your WordPress site is to try out new themes. There are several free and paid theme option which can be installed with a short process.

Unfortunately, this will engender a situation where the user has a lot of themes in the site installation. Usually, most people who wish to switch the themes will simply download and activate the new one and leaves the old theme to sit unused in the WordPress Theme Menu.

With the unused themes, you will face security, performance, and navigation issues. Hence, it might be a good thing to go through occasionally and discard or delete the themes from your WordPress.

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How to Delete a theme from your WordPress?

There are two ways for deleting a theme from your WordPress installation, either it might be via the WordPress Admin panel or via an SFTP or FTP client.

Method 1 – Removing a theme via WordPress Admin or Dashboard

  • If you have a WordPress hosting account, then Log in to your WordPress Administration panel or Dashboard
  • Navigate to the Appearances in the Menu and select Themes
  • Select Theme details for the theme you wish to remove.
  • Click on the delete link near the bottom right corner to remove the theme from your WordPress Installation
  • Choose OK. That’s it

Method 2 – Removing a theme via SFTP or FTP

If you don’t have access to your WordPress Admin Dashboard, then the afore-mentioned method does not help you. Here is an alternative method using Secure File Transfer Protocol or File Transfer Protocol. Open the FTP program and Log in to your WordPress hosting server with your File Transfer Protocol Login credentials

Step 1

  • Open the SFTP or FTP program
  • Login to your hosting server with your SFTP or FTP Login Credentials.

Step 2

  • Once you have connected to your WordPress site, navigate to the wp-content folder, then select Themes

Step 3

  • Now, Select the theme which you wish to delete or remove

Step 4

  • Click Delete option form the popup menu

Final Words

You can utilize any of the above-mentioned ways to delete your WordPress Theme. If you have access to the WordPress Dashboard, follow Method 1 as it is simple than Method 2. We guess you have found a useful solution on how to remove your WordPress Theme. Thank you!

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