Best VPN For Raspberry Pi In 2020

Are you looking for the best VPN protection for your low cost, credit card-sized processor’s called raspberry pi? Are you facing any kind of trouble in protecting your mini-sized processor called Raspberry pi?

Raspberry pi comprises a variety of operating systems like Ubuntu and windows. However, the default operating system for Raspberry pi is raspbian, which encompasses the Debian-based Linux system for distribution.  

But when it comes to security! it is always best to take the necessary precautions. So by using a VPN you can enhance the security to the Raspberry Pi from malicious activity. For that, you need to choose the best VPN for Raspberry Pi. Before proceeding further, make a note on what is a VPN and What is the need for VPN on Raspberry Pi.

Sounds amazing right? Then continue reading this article and we will also help you to choose the best VPN for Raspberry Pi.

Top best VPN for Raspberry Pi

1.Express VPN

The most popular and efficient VPN that serves the Raspberry pi most finely. Express VPN allows users to get the fastest connecting speed that offers a handsome bandwidth for the users. Even Expressvpn is perfectly compatible with unlocking geo-blocked content. Express VPN is popular in more than 300 plus servers surrounded in 94 different geographic locations.


  • Compatible with Raspbian Linux application.
  • Efficient means of unblocking geo-choked server.
  • Enhanced privacy security protection.
  • Top-notch server surroundings.
  • High-quality speed for different servers.


  • The cost price of express VPN is much more than any other VPN’s.

The combination of fast speed capability and enhanced security protection service makes express VPN the best choice for protecting your raspberry pi.

2.Nord VPN

If you are looking for an around expert in the field for protecting your raspberry pi then we need to know that NordVPN is the perfect choice for you. However, NordVPN has got a problem to have a compatible set up with the Linux operating system. This should be a concern for the users. NordVPN has got the fastest accessibility for the raspberry users.


  • The price of NordVPN is justified according to customer feedback.
  • High performance guaranteed on privacy protection.
  • Compatible with Linux application which is efficient enough to meet customer satisfaction.


  • Not supportable for Linux graphical interface.

The most unique service that NordVPN provides is based on the global server connection and it will help you to maintain a perfect privacy protection service for your raspberry pi’s operating system. 


VyprVPN is always the second choice for developers to use this VPN server as the protection for raspberry pi devices. The unique factor that you will get once you purchase this device is that-VyprVPN provides both online and offline coverage for your raspberry operating system. It is essential to inform you that VyprVPN provides a more enhanced version for solid security and privacy assurance for protecting your mini chipped raspberry pi processor.   


  • Top-notch security protection certified for all “pi” serves.
  • VyprVPN is much more expensive than Expressvpn.
  • Unblocks various sites and online stream websites.


  • Incognito payment option is not recognized.
  • Compatible with Linux application.

VyprVPN adds a two-layer protection system to your raspberry pi for conducting all online activities. VyprVPN allows a 30 days money-back guarantee for users, in case if you are not satisfied with the serviceability.

4.Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access is the only VPN that offers a perfect graphical user interface for the raspbian application as well as the Linux operating system. Private internet access has got a unique customizable option that allows a command-line interface that can be found in the “provider’s application”.

This VPN server has got an enhanced and updated lineup for providing a remarkable speed that helps developers like you to stream faster and to obtain an easy service for raspberry pi. Private internet access has got a no-logs policy and it accepts cryptocurrency for a subscription.  


  • More enhanced privacy setting options.
  • Online live support is not available.
  • Perfectly suitable for raspberry pi GUI.


  • Serviceability ranged within a specific locality.
  • A customizable option that supports more than 10 devices.

Private Internet Access has got accessibility for more than 3300 plus servers located in 32 different countries that give nearly about 95 percent efficiency. If you are looking for a VPN for protecting your raspberry pi, within a limited price then private internet access is your right choice.


After going through this detailed article on VPN for Raspberry Pi, you will get a clear idea of getting the best VPN. Choose wisely..!

delete wordpress theme

How To Delete A Theme From Your WordPress

One of the more entertaining things to do when you are configuring your WordPress site is to try out new themes. There are several free and paid theme option which can be installed with a short process.

Unfortunately, this will engender a situation where the user has a lot of themes in the site installation. Usually, most people who wish to switch the themes will simply download and activate the new one and leaves the old theme to sit unused in the WordPress Theme Menu.

With the unused themes, you will face security, performance, and navigation issues. Hence, it might be a good thing to go through occasionally and discard or delete the themes from your WordPress.

If you are not interested in these free themes, then you can even get premium themes like GeneratePress, FocusBlog, Astra wp theme at a cheap price from black Friday and Cyber Monday deals offers.

How to Delete a theme from your WordPress?

There are two ways for deleting a theme from your WordPress installation, either it might be via the WordPress Admin panel or via an SFTP or FTP client.

Method 1 – Removing a theme via WordPress Admin or Dashboard

  • If you have a WordPress hosting account, then Log in to your WordPress Administration panel or Dashboard
  • Navigate to the Appearances in the Menu and select Themes
  • Select Theme details for the theme you wish to remove.
  • Click on the delete link near the bottom right corner to remove the theme from your WordPress Installation
  • Choose OK. That’s it

Method 2 – Removing a theme via SFTP or FTP

If you don’t have access to your WordPress Admin Dashboard, then the afore-mentioned method does not help you. Here is an alternative method using Secure File Transfer Protocol or File Transfer Protocol. Open the FTP program and Log in to your WordPress hosting server with your File Transfer Protocol Login credentials

Step 1

  • Open the SFTP or FTP program
  • Login to your hosting server with your SFTP or FTP Login Credentials.

Step 2

  • Once you have connected to your WordPress site, navigate to the wp-content folder, then select Themes

Step 3

  • Now, Select the theme which you wish to delete or remove

Step 4

  • Click Delete option form the popup menu

Final Words

You can utilize any of the above-mentioned ways to delete your WordPress Theme. If you have access to the WordPress Dashboard, follow Method 1 as it is simple than Method 2. We guess you have found a useful solution on how to remove your WordPress Theme. Thank you!

earthbound rom

How to Download EarthBound Rom

Earthbound is a classic retro game, with the help of emulators you can enjoy and recreate your memorable childhood. This would be the most fun-filled and exciting RPG that you have ever played. We will be providing you how to download the EarthBound Rom easily, in this article.


EarthBound is familiar with the game series “Mother”. It consists of three role-playing video games: Mother, Mother 2, and Mother 3. Here we are gonna see about the game Mother 2 which is popularly known as Earthbound.

Emulators and Roms for Earthbound

To play your favorite old school console games on your computer, you require the following two things.

  • Emulator: Piece of software which acts as a platform to install and run these types of classic games.
  • ROM: It is a ripped copy of the original game cartridge or disc.

List of emulators that support that support the EarthBound RPG:

  • Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES)
  • Game Boy Advance (GBA)
  • Wii U

How to Install EarthBound ROM?

An emulator is built on different platforms. One common thing that is familiar with all these emulators is that they let you load ROM’s. Here we show you the installation using SNES.

Download link:

You need to download the emulator files from the above-given link, available in zip file format.

Unzip the folder, and double click the .exe file. An empty black screen will open, that’s it you have installed the emulator successfully.

How to Load ROM’s?

  • Download the Earthbound ROM
  • Go to the emulator, Click File >> Open and browse for the ROM file.
  • Open it and it starts running immediately.
  • Not all emulators will allow you to use external input.
  • You can also configure your own console controls.

Short Game-play:

The innovative part that you can’t find in other RPGs is, what follows when Ness runs into the enemies. When Ness and his enemy run into each others head-on, Normal battle occurs. When Ness is behind an enemy- the enemies get a preemptive strike. The best part is, when thee Ness party grows stronger- battles does not take place.


That’s how you can install the EarthBound ROM easily. If you face any problems from the above steps, feel free to let us know in the comment section.

How to Recover Permanently Deleted Files in Windows PC?

Losing file, photos, documents, and other important data on the computer is many users problem. This article describes the basic principles of data recovery.

There are several ways to overcome data loss. Either we remove files from the Recycle Bin or we delete the file completely by using Shift+Delete command.

How to recover deleted files?

Action 1: File History

This is an in-built feature in Windows 10 systems. This takes free backup and restores your lost or deleted files.

  • Open the folder which has Deleted Files
  • Click on the History
  • Tap on Previous
  • Select the file you want to restore
  • Click the Restore button.

Action 2: Previous Version Restore

Another manual way to recover the deleted folder, it is simple to use.

  • Select the Folder which includes deleted files
  • Right clink on it and click on the Restore Previous Version option
  • It navigates you to the Previous Versions Permanently Deleted Files or Folders with time and date.
  • Select the file you wanted to restore
  • Finally Click on the restore button.

Action 3: Restore from RecycleBin

After you delete the files using Del key, they are moved to the recycle bin. They will be automatically deleted after 30 days in the recycle bin. Follow the below steps to retrive the deleted items:

  1. Open the Recyle Bin
  2. Select the file which you want to restore
  3. Select on the restore option by right-clicking on it.

Action 4: Recovering from Empty Recycle Bin

The files or not deleted even after emptying he recycle bin. It takes some time to get back your data successfully. Recovery tools function in a similar way involving scanning the files on your computer for the deleted files.

Action 5: Recovering after Formating

The whole hard drive partition gets affected when formatting is done. There is a chance to retrieve the deleted files on the PC and they are:

1.EaseUS Data recovery Wizard(free)

It is user-friendly software. The built-in recovery wizard is easy to operate and it is integrated with the windows file system. This one enables you to recover the files removed. Restoring the files removed from the recycle bin (Shift+Delete key).

2. Disk Drill

Disk drill is a new recovery software product in the market for the desktop. It is used to recover most file store on a personal computer like images, music, videos, documents, and archives. You can select the type of data to recover. the types will be in the search results that can be selected. You can pause and continue the scan stage at any time, Enabling this option for the time, the disk drill does its job.


There are many ways to recover the deleted files on PC, but if you have lost any important files and want them back then the above mentioned softwares can be used to recover your lost files and datas. If you have any issues regarding this you can feel free to share it in the comment section bellow.

How to Remove Write Protection on Micro SD Cards?

If you are unable to write on your Micro SD card, there are two possible causes, one is if you are using a Micro SD to SD card adapter because it has a built-in lock feature that prevents accidental erase. It prevents you from writing to the card. Here we are going to list all the possible methods of removing write protection and formatting your memory device for it to work in a regular operating mode.

Accessing SD card by Registry modification

This is a way of disabling write protection, if Registry is mishandled, your operating system will be disrupted. We recommend you to take a backup copy of your windows registry before you follow the below steps:

  • Open the Registry editor as an administrator.
  • Navigate to the catalog
    • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\.
  • Right-Click on the Storage Device Policies and select the new value of the parameter DWORD for 32 bit OS and QWORD for a 64 bit OS respectively.
  • Rename the DWORD/QWORD to Write Protect and double-click on the line to change the value to 0.
  • Now you can remove the memory card safely and reboot your computer.

Disabling write protection using GPEdit

It gives you permission to access an SD card restricted by the Windows local group policy. Follow the given steps to remove the “read-only” option in your SD card:

  • Start > Run > gpedit.msc
  • Tap on the Computer Configuration > Administrative Template > System > Removable Storage Access.
  • Disable the parameter “Removable disks: Denay All Access”

Lock Switch check

You have to check the lock switch in your Micro SD card and the adapter. If the lock witch is loose and easily moves then it the switch is sliding to the locked position. The lock switch is on the left side of the adapter card.

Formating via mordern digital camera

How to fix a SD card via Canon and Nikon Camera models:

  • Insert your SD card into the device.
  • In the camera menu, select the formatting command.
  • Write the files onto the formatted card.

Formatting the card

  1. “Computer” from the start menu and select the “Manage”.
  2. Click on the “Disk Management” from the Storage list on the left pane of Computer Mange properties.
  3. Select your Micro SD card and right-click on the “Format”.


There are many ways to remove the write protection in the Micro SD card. The above mentioned methods are bit easier to solve this problem. If you have any issues regarding this you can feel free to share it in the comment section below.